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How to react if I get pulled by an Officer?

If being pulled, DO NOT immediately admit guilt and tell the truth. Reply to all the questions asked politely, calmly, and honestly as if the same are being asked in court, you would not take time to answer as you already said what the truth was.

How to fight a traffic ticket?

There are various ways to fight a traffic ticket. You can either represent yourself or you have Points Saver your side. Fighting yourself has a demerit as you probably would not be well equipped with the laws across various states of North America. On the other hand we have qualified staff, well equipped with all the required skill set to defend your side in court room. In most of the cases even your physical presence in the court room shall not be required as our competent staff shall fight well on your behalf.

Why should I fight a ticket?

There are many reasons behind fighting a ticket. It saves on your insurance rates. Until proven guilty, you are innocent in the eyes of law. Also there are chances that even the officers could make a mistake and because of fault of others why should you add demerit points on your license. There are various severe legal consequences to which you may not even be aware. Once the demerit points get added up, you may end up losing on driving license. As soon as you get a traffic ticket contact us.

Why choose Points Saver for fighting my ticket?

We have a professional network to guide you and fight on your behalf. Our team knows and understands the laws across the continent. We are the only one who provide such services across North America under one roof. (Irrespective to the tickets issued in any state/province in North America) .

How long do I have to respond to the tickets?

As per the State/Provincial Offences Act, a person charged with an offence depends upon the territory. Failing which you may be automatically convicted without a hearing and you are liable to pay the full fine amount of your traffic ticket.

What if I ignore my tickets?

Ignoring may result in addition of demerit points, breaching their limit may result in suspension on driving license. Also your insurance costs go up phenomenally.

What if I need time to pay my fines?

You can always try to convince the court. Always call us for better negotiations in case you get convicted.


Our specialized customer service team will provide constant updates on your file and help you by guiding you through each and every step of this traumatizing experience of a traffic ticket.

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